Gifted Musician And Founder Of Live Aid
Bob Geldof

Geldof is probably best known for organizing the 1985 Live Aid benefit for starvingAfrican children, inspired by a 1984 BBC documentary about famine in Ethiopia.When Geldof learned about the ongoing tragedy he flew to Africa to observe the situationfirst hand, then returned to England and gathered numerous British pop starstogether to record a charity single under the name Band Aid; that song, "Do They KnowIt's Christmas," became the best-selling U.K. single of all time, and inspired a similar1985 U.S. single "We Are The World." During the summer of 1985 Geldof helped planthe intercontinental charity event Live Aid, a set of simultaneous all-star charity concertsheld in London and Philadelphia on July 13, 1985. The proceeds and other donationsamounted to millions of dollars, which was used to feed starving Africans. Geldof wasnominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and was knighted by Queen Elizabeth. His autobiographywent on to become a best-seller in Britain.

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